BMW-E36-world-Record-Attempt-introThere will be a world record attempt at BimmerFest’15! A team of European E36 drivers want to try to set a record. The goal: gathering as many BMW E36 drivers as possible, to get the biggest collection ever seen. Are you an E36 driver and would you like to join this attempt? Make sure you sign up in advance. Don’t forget to invite all your friends who are also driving an E36, so that we’re gathering drivers in the BMW scene together.

Compete in the Kickdown Competition during BimmerFestThe Guerrilla Exhaust Kickdown Competition is new at BimmerFest. Participants must accelerate as fast as they can to a marked area, in which they must come to a standstill. It's not only important how fast your BMW is, the precision of the contestant is also an important aspect. How good are you at estimating your braking distance? The fastest contestants will be selected and driving for cups. An interesting, new activity for the audience as well as the drivers.

logo 40 jaar BMW E21 op BimmerFestThe BMW E21 is for many fans a well-known, classic model and may be seen as the first, real 3-series that BMW produced. The E21 was the runner up for the BMW 2002. In May 2015, the first E21 , and the E21 can’t be left out ever since. Worldwide, 1.364.039 cars have been produced, but now a days, this model has become quite rare in The Netherlands. Therefore, the BMW E21 gets some extra attention, at its own BMW E21 Anniversary. 

50 jaar ALPINA paddock op BimmerFest2015 is the year that ALPINA celebrates its 50th anniversary and we’re .. by bringing back the ALPINA theme at BimmerFest. The ALPINA Paddock will be filled with types like the D3, B6, C2, XD3 as well as the classic models like the E28 ALPINA and the unforgettable E30 ALPINA. This beautiful brand once started in Kaufbeuren. Now a days, every ALPINA model will be especially made in the BMW fabric and are not for sale in The Netherlands.

BMW-02-paddockThe BMW '02 models will get some special attention during the third edition of BimmerFest in 2015, since they'll be getting their own area. All models between the 1500 until the 2002 will be allowed in this particular area. Would you like to join with your BMW? Sign up and join BimmerFest'15 with your BMW for free! We will give away 10 free entry tickets and paddock cards, for the BMW'02 Area. So sign up per email as quick as you can and make sure you and your BMW are a part of BimmerFest'15. 

BimmerFest-2014-05Because of the WK Soccer this year, BimmerFest was a little bit earlier in the season. Next edition will be moved to a week later in the year. While writing this text, we've got 365 days to go, but we already know the date of BimmerFest'15. So take out your calendar and write BimmerFest'15 down on the 7th of June! The BimmerFest crew will be promoting the 2015 edition at the coming BMW events. We've found a few points for improvement ourselves, for the next edition. 

BimmerFest'15 info

Date: 7 June 2015
Location/address: Trafficport 
Olivier van Noortweg 7
5928 LX Venlo (NL)

Program BimmerFest

Bilstein Handling Course

Always wanted to join a competition, but is the circuit too much of a risk for you? Sign up for the Bilstein Handling Course, the competition during BimmerFest!


Kickdown Competition

Kickdown Competition
The Kickdown Competition is a new activity during BimmerFest'15. Would you like to sign up for a new, sportive activity? Click 'read more' for more information and find out how you're able to sign up.


Toyo Tires Wet Track Experience

Some experience in a dangerous situation couldn’t do any wrong. Sign up for the Toyo Tires Wet Track Experience and learn how to control your car while it's going into a spin.


Over 40 specialists in the Exhibitor area

This year, a lot of known brands and companies can be found at the Exhibitor Area, with parts and accessories for your BMW. Inform or buy your parts instantly.



For questions about BimmerFest, you can reach us by e-mail or phone.
GT Events is located in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Phone: +31 (0)10 236 21 03

BimmerFest'15 – The BMW event in 2015!

BimmerFest’s third edition is planned to be held on Sunday the 7th of June. A spectaculair BMW and MINI event that has its main focus on BMW. Trafficport will be a BMW heaven for the fans and will be filled with activities and action on the BimmerFest paddock.

BimmerFest is more than a BMW meeting

This day may be seen as the highlight in the BMW scene: they’re able to mingle amoungst the drivers and are able to participate in mutiple components of this BMW event. Sign up in advance for one of the components, or join BimmerFest’15 as visitor. For more ticket information, check the page Tickets BimmerFest