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In order to make the event as safe as possible, the organization has set up a regulation. By accessing the event location, the visitor (or participant) automatically agrees to these terms.

Zero tolerance drug policy

GT Events organizes drug free events by applying a zero tolerance policy. Therefore it is prohibited to use drugs and/or have drugs in your possession. If the organization, or someone working for the organization, notices a visitor with drugs or under the influence of drugs, he or she will be removed from the event terrain and may be handed over to the national police.

Entry under influence

It is prohibited to enter the event terrain under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The organization will deny access to every individual who is under the influence.

Accessing the event terrain

The organization will give a visitor access to the event terrain, if he/she is in possession of a valid I.D. If the organization finds irregularities, like entry tickets fraud or fraud with paddock cards, the visitor will be removed from the event terrain and the organization will file a complaint with the (national) police. It is up to the organization to decide if access for certain visitors can and will be denied. The organization does not have to give up any reason to deny a visitor. An entry ticket will give access to the event terrain on the day of the event during the opening hours of the event. Once you have accessed the event terrain, it’s not possible to leave the venue in order to return later in the day (for exceptions, please contact the organization in advance).

Identification (I.D.)

Visitors must show their I.D. if the organization requests them to. If the visitor is not able to show a valid I.D., all access to the event will be denied. Valid identity documents: a valid passport, valid identity card or a valid driver's license. Copies will not be accepted as I.D.

Following up orders and instructions

Orders and instructions given by the (security)personnel, must be followed up immediately. If a visitors refuses to do so, the organizations is permitted to escort him or her off of the event terrain.

It is prohibited to access the event with the following items:

Soft drugs, hard drugs, items made of glass, pets/animals, objects with a discriminating and/or provoking text and/or expression, any kind of weapons or firearms, objects that will affect the safety, health or wellbeing of other visitors in a negative matter, aerosols, atomizer, fireworks and/or torches. It is also prohibited to barbecue during the event or to provide your own meal in another way, by using gas, electricity and/or coal.

Trading and selling

It is prohibited to trade or sell any merchandise on or near the event terrain and the parking areas without permission of the organization. Exhibitors and companies are able to register in advance by booking an exhibitor area at the event itself. An entry ticket will exclusively give access to the event. Invitations made by participants and/or exhibitors, does not give other companies the right to trade or sell any merchandise on their booked exhibitor area. If the organization finds out that any company, participant and/or visitor was trading and/or selling any merchandise without permission during the event, a photograph of the activity will suffice as enough evidence to send an invoice to the 'unlawful trader' for 200% of the normal costs, of the booked space. The organization will send this invoice directly to the unlawful 'trader'. This is a non-discussable regulation.

Prohibition on selling consumptions

It is prohibited to sell consumptions (such as food and beverages) on or near the even terrain without permission of the organization. The organization has made clear arrangements about selling these consumptions with the catering that is present at the event.

Promotional activities

It is prohibited to carry out any kind of promotional actions (such as spreading flyers, posters and/or banners or preform any other kind of promotional activity) on or near the event terrain and the parking areas without permission of the organization. In violation of this regulation, the organization will apply a standard fine of € 250,- and will immediately remove the person(s) off of the event terrain. A photograph of the promotional activity will suffice as enough evidence. This is a non-discussable regulation.

Driving on the event terrain

The maximum speed at the event terrain is 15 km/h. If your car has been placed indoor, driving around without a crew member to guide you, is prohibited. Burn-outs and donuts are prohibited as well.

Sound level

Occasionally, loud noises may be produced at the event terrain, as long as they do not exceed the noise limit of 92 dB. The organization advises every visitor to wear earplugs during the entire event and is therefore not liable for any consequences that may occur due to the hearing of visitors.


GT Events is allowed to make adjustments in this timetable at all times, therefore you cannot derive any rights. If one of the (or multiple) program parts are cancelled, the organization will try to arrange a replacing activity, at all times. There will be no restitution of entry ticket(s) and/or any other kind of compensation in costs, unless this service is mentioned by GT Events in advance.

(Damage) Claims

Damage caused by visitors and/or participants to each other's possessions, must be handled by themselves. In case of damage to a (or multiple) vehicle(s), the parties concerned are able to use the standard form to claim damage, provided by their insurance company. In case of damage to properties that belong to the organization and/or the event terrain, the costs of the damage must be paid in cash to the organization and/or the spokesmen of the event terrain. Any kind of damage to a participating vehicle, caused by or due to negligence of the organization, can only be claimed during the event. The damage must be discussed and showed to B. R. (Brian) Klifman, so they are able to discuss the damage in person. Filing a damage claim after the event took place, is therefore not possible. As well as filing a written damage claim.

Enter at own risk

Entering the event terrain will be at the visitors own risk. The organization, as well as the employees who are working for the organization, cannot be held reliable for any kind of injuries, material and/or immaterial damage that visitors at the event may experience.

Other situations

In situations that may occur, which have not been captured in the event regulation and/or the terms and conditions of the event organized by GT Events, the organization will decide which measures must be taken. The decision made by the organization is non-discussable.


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