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BimmerFest is an event accessible for all BMW drivers, but has its main focus on BMW clubs. Clubs are able to reserve an area in the club paddock and take part in multiple activities at the event, as well as presenting their club to visitors and other participants. Selling club items is also allowed at the event.

Is every BMW club welcome to join the paddock?

Since BimmerFest has its main focus on clubs, all BMW clubs are more than welcome to join the event. Still hesitant if your club is suitable for BimmerFest? Please contact the BimmerFest organization.

Discount BimmerFest tickets for club members

The members of a club that has signed up in advance, are receiving a discount on the entry fee, since the paddock card (which has a value of € 8,- each) will be free of charge. And if the club decides to pre-order their entry tickets in the online web shop, they will receive an additional discount.

Clubpaddock BimmerFest 07   Clubpaddock BimmerFest 11

Extra discount online pre-sale

If a club decides to get their tickets in the pre-sale, by ordering them in the online ticket shop, they will get a discount of € 4,- on each entry ticket. If a club contact has any questions regarding the order, or if he/she would like to place a personalised order, they are able to contact the organization. So make sure you are in time to pre-order your tickets in the BimmerFest ticket shop.

Are clubs able to register for indoors?

It's unfortunately not possible for BMW clubs to register their club for an indoor area during BimmerFest.

Enough space at Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch?

The new venue, Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch, has plenty of space to host all BimmerFest participants and visitors. A side from the indoor hall, we will also be using the outdoor area surrounding the hall. 

Minimum amount of cars?

BMW clubs or groups will have to sign up with at least 8 BMW's, if they would like to reserve a spot on the club paddock. Want to sign up a smaller group? Please send an e-mail in which you're asking for a 'Individual paddock card' and mention that you are signing up multiple participants who’d like to be placed together. For more information, check: Individual paddock

How can I register my club?

Clubs contacts are able to sign up a club by contacting the organization. They can be reached by phone (during office hours) on +31 78 20 48 050 or by sending an email to Alyssa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Club contact and would you like to know which information we need from you? At the club sign up page, you're able to discover how to sign up a club for BimmerFest 2018.

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