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Nieuws 02Would you like to join BimmerFest on the 2nd of June, along with thousands of BMW enthusiasts? Register in advance, reserve a spot on the paddock and receive a free car ticket for your BMW. There are multiple themes, but don’t hesitate for too long, the paddock might be fully booked.

What's a paddock card?

The car ticket, which you need to enter the paddock with your own BMW, will be send as a digital paddock card. Your BMW can enter the event venue with this ticket (pdf file)*. You’re able to choose from a variety of paddock cards for your BMW, depending on which theme you’d like to join. Naturally, you’re only able to request one paddock card per car, so that we are eliminating any double bookings.

More information and a full explanation regarding the paddock card, can be found here: explanation paddock card BimmerFest. The themes for this year’s edition can be found here as well.

Club paddock card

Joining with a club? The club chairman will receive the digital paddock card, along with a request to forward the card amongst the participating club members. This means it’s not necessary to request a (individual) paddock card yourself. For more information regarding a club registration, please visit the club registration page.

Paddock card is not an entry ticket

The title says it all: the paddock card is not an entry tickets. Aside from the paddock card your need for your BMW, you also need an entry ticket for yourself, as well as co-driver(s) that are joining you. Each visitor needs to be able to show their own entry ticket. Due to the immense lines at the entry on the day of the event, we ask all visitors to get their entry tickets in advance. By ordering tickets during the online pre-sale, we’re are able to shorten the entry lines, so that everybody can enter the paddock as quickly as possible. And that means, more time to spend at BimmerFest! Order your tickets in advance, in our BimmerFest web shop.

* rules paddock card

BMW Paddockkaart 03   BMW Paddockkaart 04

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